Reading is surrounded by the best events happening, these are music festivals, football matches, regatta festival and even the rewind festival. These are the evens where participants come from all over the country and of course many go from Reading as well.


This sports festival revolves around water sports, especially the team rowing races, this is one of the most popular events in the area and what’s even more special is that people from all over the country come to the event, we at Kennett provide the transport for those who want to go to the festival from reading, it doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a big group, we always have the right vehicles,



This horserace event is one of the biggest events for racers around the kingdom, many people come from far and wide to watch and experience this festival and those that cannot, watch without missing, it is a prestigious royal event with Millions of Pounds being bet on the horses with the last one going up to 7.3 million GBP, it’s a shame not to go to such a high rated event, even more so to not arrive in the right style needed! We at Airport Travels Reading provide you with some of the best offers for Taxi services.



Going to Rewind Festival South? Well, so is everyone who is anyone! Rewind is the festival to let your wild side run… well, Wild! The Rewind festival is appreciated by everyone, the south Rewind is packed with everyone, especially with people from Reading, London and any near areas, but the clothes, music, activities and camping aren’t all that matters, so does the ride you arrive on, if you want to leave an impression on everyone who is anyone!



The festival that beats all festivals is the Reading Festival, many music legends have played on this stage and many have come to this festivals to watch their ideal artist play on stage, the same will happen this year but why not go in style with Airport Travels Reading? These cars are what you need if you want to make an impact on the fellow attendees, our rides will stun the people who see you arrive, our cars amp up the already high elegance of the surroundings, making you stand out.



The premier Football is the biggest sports even in the whole of United Kingdom, everyone appreciates and enjoys the premier football league and it is one of the most iconic and greatest football league in the whole world, the fans of Football nationwide wait for this the stadiums packed with fans! IF you are a fan you should know! But getting there is a hassle isn’t it? The streets are packed and usually you are late, struggling to find the seats. This is why you need us! The Kennet Cars! We offer you the most professional Taxis with a high level of punctuality.